Tipwise is transforming dining globally with a smart food tech platform that simplifies tipping, making it guilt-free and beneficial for all. Our innovative solution is designed to integrate with restaurants, enhancing the dining experience by fostering more business, happier servers, and more frequent visits from satisfied customers. We're on a mission to improve dining out for everyone.

Deham Estate

We focus on two key strategies in real estate: quickly turning properties around for a profit and investing in properties for long-term rental income. Our approach is about being adaptable, seizing immediate opportunities while also laying the groundwork for steady, future gains. This balance allows us to stay flexible and committed to growth, both in the short term and for years to come.

Deham Care

At our health brand, we prioritize delivering top-notch, natural supplements, focusing on premium ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction across our range. This includes solutions for headaches, muscle cramps, weight loss, and hair growth, with more products in development. Our commitment extends beyond current products as we continuously explore new health and wellness breakthroughs to better meet our customers' needs.

Amazon FBA

As early adopters in the Amazon marketplace, we've built a presence in the US, Canada, and the UAE, focusing on health and beauty products. We work closely with brands to enhance their online presence, offering full customer service and logistics support. Our seasoned team ensures brands thrive in the e-commerce landscape, leveraging our vast experience to excel in digital retail.

Deham Fleet (currently inactive)

From Toronto, our dealership exports a variety of vehicles worldwide, including accident-damaged, used, and new models, especially to the Middle East and Africa. We're committed to providing a broad selection and personalized service, ensuring every client's needs and satisfaction are met with the utmost care.