We focus our efforts on exploring new investments; value-added sectors, and modern technologies. We fund and operate businesses in a variety of niches, including but not limited to e-commerce, real estate, and automotive. As we operate in a competitively evolving environment, we are highly engaged in constantly improving our trades. The Deham CI Group is opportunity-driven and not prescriptive. With our global mandate, we can take a calculated-risk approach to allocate revenue with no biases. We welcome businesses and ideas from all geographical regions.


My first inspiration to start a business took flight in middle school where I invested my summer job savings in purchasing wholesale sunglasses on Ali Baba and retailed locally in Toronto. My exposure to the business world struck me to venture into a few creative ideas, and I dropped out of university to pursue my entrepreneurial dream. My mission is to continue to find innovative ways to multiply businesses, fusing contemporary ideas while investing in proficient partnerships.

معاذ مها د                                                                                                                                        د

معاذ مهاد